The Signature of the OVF Package does Not Match its Content

May 19, 2020 Jordansphere VMware


I had exported an OVF template from a vsphere 6.0 vCenter and the target woud not accept the OVF unless I edited the XML and removed a specific device (this should be a different post). Thie import worked on vsphere 6.5 and 6.7 but when trying to import into another vsphere 6.0 I got the following error


The signature of the OVF package does not match its content. This indicates theat the package has been tampered with and is a potential security risk




As I had edited the ovf I needed to recreate the hash and update the the .mf file to reflect this.

To do this I used Powershell

Get-FileHash my.ovf -Alogrithm SHA1

This will output the following


You then need to copy the Hash value and edit .mf file (ef with an editor (eg Notepadd++)

Replace the current HASH with the new value and save the file

The import should work after that.




ovf import fail, The Signature of the OVF Package does Not Match its Content,

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