VCNS 5.5 – Upgrade Failed. Root Fileystem Full

When trying to upgrade VCNS 5.5.3 to 5.5.4 I was presented with this error:


Message: Could not untar /common/em/downloads/image/image-vsm-vsm-5.5.4-2504419.img.dist


This suggested to me there was a partition full somwhere on the vShield Manager VM

To check this:

Open the console of the VSM VM.

Default username/passwords are: 

Username: admin
Passowrd: default
Enable: default

#' show filesystems


As you can see the the root partition is full.

I tried to clear any log files first of all but that had no effect:

# purge log manager
# purge log system

In the end I just rebooted the VM whiched cleared some temporary space and left me with 4.3GB available